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finals 2014, third place went to beautiful women from Geneva. If you take in consideration small number of women participants versus male competitors, the achievements is amazing.  You will find women well represented in our top 20 list which is one more evidence in favor of women. Indeed Catherine the Great, a great cigar enthusiast, would be proud.

C S W C  A S  W O M E N  W O R L D A G A T A  P I O T R O W S K A

Not only that she set the new world record for women's, but by doing so, she also put her name with amazing smoking time in top 10 best World smokers!! She is skilled and trained so, Agata is now a true treat and one of the best candidates to be first ever woman World Champion!!

Patricia Benden from Germany (Owner of the famous Cigar World Cigar lounge and shop )

 proved that her title of the best woman in the World of slow smoking was not just coincidence. She started her way to the top of the World  few years go with amazing achievements which she nailed this year!! We expect many more great results from her!!

Although the world of cigars is considered by most to be very much a man’s domain - right From the very beginning The Cigar Smoking World Championship recognized that many women are just as passionate about a great cigar as are men . Moreover women have shown that they complete also at the highest level winning in New York , London  and Paris just for season 2017. In