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World record of Cigar Smoking World Championship is the best proof that CSWC is true competition which depends on training, tactic and improving of skills to bring tobacco burning properties to the really edge. When CSWC started 7 years ago, establishing of new World record of 100 minutes was mixture of fun, luck and little bit of focus. But all after that was fighting with yourself, by improving your experience, skills, examination of burning properties of tobacco, different tactics by choosing different way of smoking on different stage of cigar, to the high focus and concentration which is almost on edge with state of trance. In this 7 years of history of CSWC braking of World record was true show, and excitement story full of adrenaline. For 4 years World record of 100 minutes was untouched, and magic line of 2 hours was looking like impossible mission. Reinhold Widmayer from Austria was first one  

T O  R E A C H  U N R E A C H A B L E P R I N C I P L E C I G A R S

who after 4 years broke 100 minute record but still below 2 hours. After Grand Finale 2015 all was changed. Darren Cioffi took title of World Champion and New World record which was just 2 and half minutes from 2 hours. Just few months later Darren’s biggest rival ex World Champion from Russia Igor Korovin improved so much his skills that he reach something what was consider impossible -braking magic line of two hours. After that moment race for World Record begin and from 2014 to the this moment World record was broken many times specially by one name - Darren Cioffi. Oleg Pedan from Russia like one of the best students of Russian slow smoking school achieved great results by taking title of World Champion and two times braking World Record. Any way, nobody reach Darren Cioffi and his actual World Record which is consider at this moment unreachable - 2 hours and 50 minutes

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