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I N T E R T A B A C 2 0 1 6 M A C E D O N I A Q U A L I F I E R V I S I T  T O  C U R V O  Y S O B R I N O S

During each years events year there has been always so much that we have enjoyed the Qualification tournament held during great Cigara Dru festival . In 2016 it was celebrating it’s 5th years anniversary.

We were proud to be part of a historical moment for the Macedonian Cigar community. We helped to celebrate the opening of  Cigar Club Skopje by holding the first Macedonian CSWC qualification tournament. Thereby a new long lasting friendship and brotherhood was born

Visit to the Cuervo y Sobrinos factory in Lugano, Switzerland, the official timekeepers of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. This visit brought together some of our valued CSWC friends from around the world . Ivan Mazuranic honorable vice president of Club Mareva, Petteri Patjas, president of Kirja Cigar Club Helsinki and  Christina Bartinovski Champion of USA qualification round from New York City.

InterTabac 2016 in Dortmund, Germany - the world’s biggest tobacco fair. Cigar Trophy by Cigar Journal awards ceremony night for 2016. Our partner STG annual party. Also on show was  our 2016 release: the Limited edition Bespoke Mareva Especiales along with the  full line of Bespoke cigars. Work and pleasure together

A S I A  Q U A L I F I E R S P A N I S H  Q U A L I F I E R G E R M A N Q U A L I F I E R

CSWC for Sweden was held for third time in famous Mellgren’s cigar lounge and shop. Swedish Champion Gustav Nygren was smoking 1 hour 18 minutes, famous Martin Brix was on second place with time of smoking 1 hour 17 minutes and third place went to Piotr Karlsson with time of 1 hour 14 minutes.

We have first Champion of Spain - Marco Tessari - amazing smoking time of 1 hour 55 minutes. Second place belongs to great Marc Ripoll who provide amazing game!! Third place for Eduardo Navarro Basabe which he deserved by his great concentration during all the game!! Best overall smoking time belongs to World Champion Mirko Giotto who proved again why he is World Champion

CSWC Qualification event for Germany in beautiful Cigar lounge Cigar World by Tabac Benden was blast and time to stay in our memories.Championship was won by great young gentleman Tobias Röth from Cigar Kings, who with his focus and dedication on his official Competition cigar Macanudo Inspirado mareva for 1 hour and 43 minutes reached victory!! He was followed by Waldemar Lissom on second place and third place taken by Benjamin Raabe.

History is written - first and historical Cigar Smoking World Championship event powered by official Macanudo Inspirado cigars was held in famous Whisgars cigar lounge in Bangkok - Asia!!

Results: 1. Cliff Robbins 01:22:22, 2. Damien Del Porto 01:21:20

3. Y Suksai 1:15:20

Preparation of new Bespoke Mareva limited edition cigar for Cigar Smoking World Championship called Spalato (Latin name from time of Romans for city of Split) is in full progress. It will be truly limited and it will come in stunning box  which will be done in marble effect. designed by Marko Bilic.

CSWC for Norway was held for third time in famous Augusto  cigar lounge and shop. Norwegian Champion Knut Are Hole was smoking 1 hour 30 minutes, Silver Randalu was on second place with time of smoking 1 hour 12 minutes and third place went to Christopher Sundli with time of 1 hour 11minutes.

Celebrating of 135 anniversary of  Cuervo y Sobrinos, official timekeeper of Cigar Smoking World Championship was held in Italy in beautiful Tuscany region. It was exclusive event, where selected guests was celebrating history and quality of Swiss precision watch making.


 Chase Lyle  with smoking time of 2 hours and 45 Minutes he record his name and USA on 4th place on list of top 20 smokers of the World. The biggest surprise was Patricia Benden from Dusseldorf, Germany. With her smoking time of 2 hours and 33 minutes she break old and put new World Record for Woman. Eric Kyle with smoking time of 2 hours and 25 minutes proved that he is always among the best. He took third place!!

Amazing performance from Edgar Paez made him to be first ever Champion of West Coast of USA and owner of presrige Cuervo y Sobrinos watch worth 4000$. With his 01:34:22 he tooked 1st place and watch. Ms Aida, wife of famous cigar legend Mr Anto, owner of Cigars by Chivas tooked 2 place.

Oleg Pedan once again taking the title with a smoking time of 2:23:45 for the official competition cigar, a Macanudo Inspirado Mareva. The two other best slow smokers are Alexander Shagai (2:14:31) and Alexander Andriushkevitch (01:49:33). Oleg Pedan is currently the best ranked Russian smoker in the competition

C H I C A G O  Q U A L I F I E R D A N I S H   Q U A L I F I E R U S A  N Y C  F I N A L E

BRAKING NEWS!! THE HISTORY OF CIGAR SMOKING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP HAVE THE NAME WHICH WILL BE RECORDED FOREVER -  magic line of 3 hours is broken and New World Record is taken by Tomasz Zolakiewicz with his unbelievable smoking time of 3 hours and 26seconds. Agata Piotrowska, which became so skilled that she in the same night broke the Woman World record!! Huge congratulation to Bartosz Mańkowski for his great third place!!

Silver Randalu is Champion of Denmark with smoking time of 2 hours! Mari - Ann Randalu, Silver wife, took second place and third place belong to last year Danish Champion!!

Bill Hroncich is Champion of USA and Igor Kovacic at that point in New York took world record from Darren Cioffi wuth smoking time of 02 hours 55 minutes. It is hard to describe that fun, that excitement and joy which all participants and organizers was passing during CSWC USA moments.

Patricia Benden once again made surprise and she won with a smoking time of 2:23:45 for the official competition cigar, a Macanudo Inspirado Mareva. The two other best slow smokers are Martina Klainlagel  and Alexander Andriushkevitch.

Alexandar Shagai who is for sure one of best World smokers (World Champion 2013), finally get his Cuervo y Sobrinos watch on his hand, well deserved with his victory!! Proud on my friend Jeremy Casdagli who was like James Bond with his cigar against rest of the World, and he reached third place. Big congratulation to second place Tambet Liblik who was great. My biggest pleasure was that beautiful lady Olesia Nokhrina won as best woman