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A silhouette of smaller but strong Russian man, seating in smokey Cigar Smoking World Championship Arena during Grand Finale, who in the heat of the competition maintained complete and strong focus and concentration on his cigar. Mr. Alexander Shagai has always been one of top skilled and most successful competitors at the CSWC festivals. He has  always  shown Character of true competitor even from the

first year when he participated in CSWC in 2013. Russia should be proud and honoured to have such man as a true fighter, and now again World Champion. In every meaning he wrote CSWC history as first competitor who succeed to be on the top of the World as World Champion for two times. For sure, he will shape future of CSWC by motivation of himself and others to go higher and higher!!

H E  I S  B E S T  O F  T H E   B E S T

Mr. Alexander Shagai (pictured with the  best ones of Grand Final of CSWC 2017) during award ceremony on  Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) in Split/Croatia, Mr Shagai finished his competition cigar (the Macanudo Inspirado Mareva, 5 1/8 x 42 | 130 x 16,7) after 3 hours, 06 minutes and 8 seconds,With that time he secure his title of World Champion and World record owner leaving behind favourite names like Darren Cioffi and Oleg Pedan

Alexander  Shagai is proud member of St. Petersburg Cigar Club “Horse Power”. That Club became legend among World Clubs -  It provides the largest numbers of World Champions in slow smoking. Also, its members are very successful in other cigar challenges, and on that way  “ Horse Power” marked Russia on the top of the list  of cigar Countries

World Champion 2013

Champion of  Russia 2015

Champion of  Estonia 2017

Many second and third places

World Champion 2017