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Journal magazine, scoring 91 points,  as well as being chosen as 2016 Cigar of the year by the very influential cigar blogger Katman Kohn.. On the  grand opening of the Club Mareva Lounge the Bespoke Gran Mareva was ceremonially presented! Jeremy Casdagli also received the Club Mareva Fundadores lifetime Membership Card. Since then Bespoke Cigars and Club Mareva have added one new vitola annually to the Mareva Line. They are traditionally launched at the Bespoke Cigar evening that now launches the CSWC Final. Each new vitola is blended by Hendrik Kelner Jnr and then selected by Casdagli and Bilic at the Kelner Factory in the Dominican Republic. They are initially presented in a limited edition box celebrating that years’ CSWC Final . Truly a collector’s item…


On July of 2013 during the CSWC Qualification weekend in Tallinn, Estonia, Jeremy Casdagli founder of Bespoke Cigars was the official sponsor of the event! This was Jeremy Casdagli’s first experience of a CSWC event and ,due to  the great reception of Bespoke Cigars from the CSWC guests, he offered further sponsorship to the  Grand Finale in Split. It was on this first visit to Split that Casdagli offered a new project to Club Mareva – The Creation of the Bespoke Club Mareva line of cigars. In this way he showed  all his generosity and trust in the future of Club Mareva  and the CSWC. After tasting numerous samples, Marko Bilic and Jeremy Casdagli chose blend for the first cigar of the Club Mareva Line : the Gran Mareva. Since it’s launch the Gran  Mareva has achieved high ratings in famous Cigar

From 2013, Bespoke Cigars  and Club Mareva with

Cigar Smoking World Championship became

partners . But they also understand what

cigars can provide - true friendship.

Bespoke Cigars produces 4 lines of premium cigars from the Kelner Boutique factory  in Dominican Republic. By combining the blending genius of Hendrik Kelner jnr ,along with his access to truly unique tobacco, with Jeremy Casdagli’s knowledge & experience gained with over 20 years  in the premium cigar business  they are able to create some of the best and most interesting cigars that can be found today

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