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Our great and loyal Austrian CSWC friends showed that they are not just perfect as participants of CSWC but also as organiser and hosts of CSWC. In that role they showed that they fully understand concept of CSWC and that execution of that understanding they are able to do   brilliant!!With proud we handed them award for best qualification season of the year!!

There is rare opportunity to find such unique gentleman, with manners which describe definition of gentleman in full meaning of that word. We get lucky and we even get that privilege to have him as our member - Mr Petteri Patjas from Helsinki, Finland!! He is our true ambassador and always ready to dedicate his efforts and time to Club Mareva and CSWC. Thank you Petteri!!

Extraordinary people are our power, our treasure, our inspiration and source of all motivation. Idea  of CSWC and Club Mareva came from the passion of sharing great moments with great people. Trough our journey we make steps which guide us around the World and bring us in this privilege situation to meet all this people. Some of them recognized our value and they gifted us with their special care, efforts and support. For us that is something huge and we want to show to them how much we respect that and how much that means to us!! All that happened because cigar connections, that cigar tobacco leaf which keep us as one family. For us they are like diamonds…So to describe that respect in one we create recognition called Mareva Diamond Leaf Award. With special proud and gratitude we delivered this award to their hands!!

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