The original idea which became reality out of one dream, showed its power and beauty throughout the merger of the cigar world, in less than 3 years of its existence. Now, after 7 years true cigar aficionados, important people from the world of cigar, cigar manufacturers, presidents and dignitaries of the world's cigar clubs, not only that are all gathering once a year on this unique and originally conceived cigar festival and its cigar competition, but it went a step further. Qualifying tournaments that are being organized all around the world, deepened the togetherness of cigar aficionados and the power of this unique idea of competition in smoking cigar,

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C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p


Organised  by Cigar Club Skopje

Was a  great Qualification round held in Capital of Macedonia - Skopje and the surrounding area.

DATE: 26-27 of November 2016

Cigara Dru 2016 was celebrating it’s 5th anniversary. Festival full of excitement and discovering. It is held in Vilnius  and surrounded area .

DATE: 9-11 of December 2016

To be held in Cigar World, Dusseldorf Cigar Trophy – awarded best Cigar lounge & Cigar shop  

 Held for second time in this stunning cigar place

DATE: 25 of March 2017

It will be held in  Augusto Cigar Shop  - amazing shop with great people in  centre of beautiful Oslo.

DATE: April 19, 2017

La Gran Fumada Russia is among most important cigar festivals of Russia organised by one of most famous and active Russian cigar clubs - Horse Power. Festival is top end event and it is held in beautiful city of St. Petersburg

DATE: April 29, 2017

Held in great city of Nashville in organised by

Principle Cigars, this Qualification event is surrounded by the  great festivities held over the famous Nashville Steeplechase weekend

DATE: May 12, 2017

A black tie event held in one of the most beautiful private clubs in Chicago , Biggs Mansion is a fully restored 19 century mansion in the heart of Chicago.

DATE: May 17, 2017

The City. New York. The Regional Final of the CSWC USA is set in the world famous Macanudo Club. CSWC Qualification event not to miss

DATE: May 20, 2017

American West Coast will get it’s own CSWC Qualification

Tournament. Beautiful town of Pasedena will host it

DATE: May 6, 2017

We are very proud to announce Cigar Smoking World Championship historical moment -  Opening East of the Globe (Bangkok) for concept of CSWC Qualification Tournaments

DATE: March 16, 2017

Big Smoke Copenhagen will celebrate it’s 4th anniversary. In organisation of headquarters of STG in association of Royal Danish Cigars this will be like always - the biggest Qualification round of CSWC

DATE: May 26 -28, 2017

The biggest surprise of CSWC Qualification Season 2016

was in every way Warsaw . From the amazing  organisation of the Warsaw qualification event to providing a new name in the top 20 list

DATE: June 03, 2017

The Amsterdam qualification event will again be held in Hajenius one of the most historical and beautiful Cigar Shops in the World  - We can’t wait

DATE: June 25, 2017

Now celebrating it’s 5th year of holding a CSWC qualifying event  we are so proud to again be hosting our event in the heart of the  beautiful medieval town of Tallinn, organised by Tallin Cigar Club

DATE: June 9-11, 2017

Spain will be now for the first time be holding  a CSWC Qualification event.We are so pleased to be able to now include the historic city of Barcelona as one of our hosts

DATE: April 6, 2017

The prestigious and picturesque Yacht  Marina  Porto Montenegro will also  be hosting one of our qualification events

DATE: Coming Soon

Organised by a legend of the Cigar World -  Guillaume Tesson, truly a great and stylish French gentlemen, the beautiful city of Paris  will be hosting a CSWC qualification event for the 2nd year running. So good to be returning to the city of lights

DATE: June 24, 2017

For the third time CSWC qualification event will be hosted in Italy …. Napoli - Great wine, food and of course cigars

DATE: July 15, 2017

he Big Alpine Smoke - one of our favourite and long running venues  - Fun and joy in Bad Ragaz in the  Swiss Alps announces the  beginning of the summer season . What more to ask.  Already now the 4th anniversary, save the date, this will be great one!!

DATE: July 1, 2017

Greece is entering in to CSWC Qualification season.

For the first time. organised by the prestigious lounge and shop “you and me” in beautiful town of Athens.

DATE: July 9, 2017

In one of the most famous and historical  cigar places in the World, where Winston Churchill was finding time to smoke a cigar or two  - JJ Fox London, we will have for second time a Qualification event here.

 DATE: June 15, 2017

Link with info coming soon Link with info coming soon Link with info coming soon

Tradition of one of very first qualification tournaments are going on and it celebrates it’s 4th anniversary in  famous Mellgrens cigar shop and lounge

DATE: April 08, 2017

Check here info & results Check here info & results

Ukraine is entering in to CSWC Qualification season.

For the fsecon time. Organised by the famous cigar distributor “Fortuna” in beautiful town of Odessa

DATE: July 29, 2017