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C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

On that late afternoon of  late November of 2010, whan first puff was taken on first and historical minute of first ever Cigar Smoking World Championship, Cigar history get new lines recorded among it’s sheets. It becames great story about uniting of Cigar friends, but and great story about creating one challenge which will concure Cigar World. Deeply imagined like cigar challenge and true competition

Which will create great cocktail of feelings and emotions, between fun, excitement and challenge, on it’s way it brought and strong, positive competitive emotions mixed with feeling of pride and joy of victory. Many cigar aficionados was part of challenge but only few ones took title of Champions. With their great and unique personalities, with their tactics and skills they made story of  CSWC so great!!

C R E A T O R S   O F   H I S T O R Y Historical name of CSWC - first ever World Champion  of Cigar Smoking World  Championship. He was winner of Croatian  Qualification round in 2014, and he is best rated Croatian  competitor on World top 20 raking list T O N I  S T O I L O V

The one who surprised whole CSWC world. In just one year he achieved unreachable. He showed up on German qualification event and he won with almost World record….his second performance brought him to the title of the World Champion. Hauke is absolutely name that you always need  to count on!!