When dream started to be available for touch.

First and historical Cigar Smoking world Championship

was true success and green light to go forward

2012  was the Year the Cigar Smoking World Championship attained a certain James Bond style and atmosphere . This was also first year that World Champion title went to Russia. Russian domination on the horizon ?!

2014 will be primarily be remembered for the strong entrance into the competition of the USA. Both the World record and World Champion title went into hands of USA. The CSWC would see an explosion of interest from across the Atlantic in the years to come

Year 2016 for Cigar Smoking World Championship was the most excited one. Ex  champions numerous times were breaking world record, until Grand Finale.Then one gentleman stand out and took title of greatest one

More courage, more vision, more of more.

Cigar Smoking World Championship went

on next level, bravely and strongly

2013 - Sea, sun and the Mediterranean air was the symbol

of Cigar Smoking World Championship this year.

Russia successfully defended their title in a very tightly contested final.

New era for Cigar Smoking World Championship -

Macanudo Inspirado became the new official competition cigar of CSWC and Russia regained the World Championship title

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New level for Cigar Smoking World Championship  participants World Record is huge and it is in hands ocf first ever double World Champion title owner -  Alexander Shagai, Russia

Year 2018 of  Cigar Smoking World Championship was the year which truly united Cigar World with more than 35 countries presented on it’s Grand Finale!! It was the year which announced 10th anniversary celebration!!

Year 2019 of  Cigar Smoking World Championship was so important in CSWC history -! It was the year which that we celebrate 10th anniversary, one full decade behind us…but also and announcement of the new page with new official cigar partner -Rocky Patel!!

CSWC 2021 was extremely challenging for organisation but passion and will to bring CSWC Grand Final as live experience back was more powerfull than any challenges. Result was fantastic - unforgettable experience

All  about

World Champion

Makes Cigar World united

C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

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