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Makes Cigar World united

C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

Back to Antiquity. A stunning Roman lunch was held in the most  preserved Roman basements on the World. Included was a  presentation of DM Golden cigar S A T U R D A Y R O M A N  L U N C H C S W C   2 0 1 4

Already a tradition - Martell cognac moments were provided for the welcome drink for our Jazz dinner at the new  west coast of city of Split

Excitement at the highest level. Like a flash back in time to the Cuban crisis and the height of the cold war USA took not only the title of World Champion from Russia But also set the new World Record

Celebration of USA victory on the terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea, with salsa dancing and a “Chivas corner bar” providing the cocktails