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Makes Cigar World united

C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

B E S P O K E N I G H T S A T U R D A Y W O R K S H O P S B O A T  T R I P

The Bespoke night again introduced a new edition for the Mareva Line of cigars  - The Bespoke Mareva Especiales And a lot of fire and music

For the first time ever in Croatia it was possible to

see the rolling of a premium cigar from the hands of one of the best  Master “torcedores”

From the shadows he came and raised Trophy of victory. In silence, with a razor sharp focus, he decided to break the plans of  past champions to seize the  title of “best of the best”

Once again a night of glamour, beauty and style mixed with fun, dancing and friendship.

That is what matters

Time to experience some of the best  that Croatia and Split can offer  - Great cuisine and wine whilst cruising on the Adriatic sea

Finally a fun filled beach party  celebrating the new champion with old  and new friends cocktails, beach, DJ and music all under a full moon. A night to remember