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C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

A silhouette of handsome and tall Swedish gentleman, seating in smokey Cigar Smoking World Championship Arena during Grand Finale, who in the heat of the competition maintained complete and strong focus and concentration on his cigar was scene to be remembered. Henrik Kristensson shown with his winning of the World Champion title  that  he is new namee among best world competitors of the 10 years history of CSWC. For sure, we are after this

expect from him more great results. His task was even harder on Grand Final- on the same table, just next to his right side was German legend and one of the best World smoker  -Hauke Walter! Polish smokers was also so strong but he kept focus and he defended his title of the World Champion but in dramatic finish, Sweden done huge triumph on this finale with their the new Swedish legenf - Henrik


H E  I S  B E S T  O F  T H E   B E S T

Mr Oleg Pedan finished his competition cigar after 2 hours, 37minutes and 8 seconds,With that time he secure his title of World Champion 2021l

With World Champion title, the first one for Sweden in history and The World Record holder title also in Swedish hands, we can say now that Sweden now have huge and strong domination in the CSWC world.

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