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C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

B E S P O K E N I G H T S A T U R D A Y W O R K S H O P S H A V A N A  P A R T Y

The Bespoke night and CSWC celebrated  their 5th anniversary of partnership.That evening was true celebrating of friendship and partnership between us which we cherish and keep  

Mr Reinhold Widmayer chief editor of Cigar Journal  magazine was providing great  tasting seminar , Macanudo  was providing interesting fuma tasting and other sponsors as S.T. Dupont čighters, Havana Club Rum and our official timekeeper Cuervo y Sobrinos  was making all this moments to be with more joy and exclusivity

History of CSWC is written again  -  Patricia Benden and Hauke Walter from Germany first time achieved that best Woman of the World and World Champion are coming from same country. They provide full superiority, even just seconds was between Hauke victory over legend Shagai!!

Once again,  a night of glamour, beauty and style mixed with fun, dancing and friendship…

That is all what we needed for cocktail of joy

Time to get crazy and to celebrate friendship , passion, victory and special time which wee need more than ever. There is no better place then night on the  beach and cocktail in the hands

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